3D Modeling of Prototype Boards. 

When a project offers time or size constraints or a specific enclosure is required, 3D modeling of the Prototype board is essential to saving time and money.

The process ensures that everything goes together as you planned.  


Thermal Analysis 

Day-Tec use thermal imaging as part of their development process for documentation and system analysis. Good thermal design ensures longevity of our products.  

Pick and Place Machine

Day-Tec have their own Prototype pick and place machine to reduce the time from inception of the idea to full production of your final board.  

featured designs and ability 

SMT and Through Hole Designs

Surface Mount Technology is the process where components are soldered to one side of a printed circuit board. 

While through hole technologies is an older process of mounting electronic components, this can still be a far more cost effective option for lower production quantities.  

While approval of our clients is the ultimate source of professional happiness, we'd be lying if we said we didn't prefer SMT

Microscope Inspections 

Day-Tec use digital microscopes as part of the quality control process. This ensures only the best quality is delivered to our clients. 


Communication protocol is a necessity in the electronics development environment today, communication protocols such as MOD BUS, CAN and the physical layers such as RS485 have dominated the industrial market due to their noise immunity and reliability. Day-Tec have the hardware and software designs to accommodate your requirements at hand.

Multilayer PCB Designs

With technology progressing forward at an alarming rate, size and performance are always the first requirements to consider. 

Multilayer circuit design PCB offer an improvement in both categories. 

Day-Tec will improve your sizing and performance requirements with reduced power consumption and improved ground plane design.

We use only the best PCB manufactures

Annunciation Facia Displays

Annunciation and facia displays, whether it be controlled at a logic level, communication, color touch screen TFT, or just a simple binary switched input.

Displays and annunciation are a necessity for human-machine interface(HMI) and the specific task at hand.