‚ÄčDay- Tec Development Process:
The Development process of a new design can be broken down into a number of stages.
Concept Design
Day-Tec will work with the client to generate a document that outlines all the requirements and needs of the project and the client.
During this stage, we conduct the following:
Partial product design.
Cost analysis. 
Size constraints.
Final product requirements. 

Design and Development
Day-Tec, on acceptance of the concept design will proceed with the detailed design and development process. On completion Day-Tec will present to the client a detailed design review comprising of the following:
Preliminary 3D model.
Preliminary Functional Operation.
Concept software and Firmware.
Preliminary Data Sheet.
Preliminary Operation Manual.

Prototype Fabrication
Day-Tec, on acceptance of the of the detailed design review will proceed with prototype manufacturing and testing where the following is conducted:
Printed Circuit Board manufacturing.
Component selection and procurement.
Printed Circuit Board assembly. 
Internal testing and acceptance.
At this point the client will be presented with the first prototype and documentation and final pricing for approval and acceptance.

Testing and Manufacturing.
Day-Tec, on approval and acceptance of the Prototype will conduct and prepair the following:
Testing procedure and Documentation.
Quality Control Plan.
Testing equipment and tools.
Finalise the Bill of Material for manufacturing.
Procurement of components.
Assemble boards as required by Client.
Delivery of final products to Client.