How do we handle product data sheets?

The product and its aplication will generally govern who will be responsible for the fabrication of the final data sheet , in some instances Day Tec will cover the full data sheet requirments and in other cases Day Tec will offer a Data sheet for our portion only.

Click here for a sample data sheet.   


I have a product idea but don't know where to start?

The process of designing an electronic PCB for a client, starts with the idea or concept, as we all know your personal ideas and IP (Intellectual Property) are important to you. Day-Tec is happy to sign any confidentiality agreements and NDA's to secure your IP.

Step 1 - Secure your IP.

Step 2 - Day Tec require the client to issue a specification or design criteria documentation to ensure we design as per our clients requirements. (We are more than happy to assist with the development of this document if required).

Step 3‚Äč - Accept DayTec's Quotation and/or terms.

Step 4 - Wait for your first prototype to arrive.   



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